Are you thinking about the past or the future?
Are you using words like “always” and “never?” Ask yourself, “Is this thinking helping?” If the answer is “NO,” ... Read on

When was the last time you and your partner did something fun together? If no answer is coming to mind right away, chances are that it has been too long...where is the fun and spontaneity that was once so easy for you? The answer may be simpler than you think.
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One of the best techniques to
reduce emotional eating is
keep an eating journal. List what
you are eating and your mood
state. This begins to build
awareness about what triggers
you to eat.


CounselingSelf.com offers counseling and psychotherapy techniques that you can learn and implement at home. It is a form of self-help that will give you access to some of the latest counseling techniques for treating depression, anxiety, body image problems, compulsive overeating, poor self-esteem and problems communicating in relationships.

office photoLife can be very stressful at times and everyone has times when day to day problems start to seem too big. Coping with changes in your life such as moving, loss of a job, children being born or leaving home, death of a loved one, divorce or conflicts in relationship can leave you feeling depressed or overwhelmed. At times like this seeking counseling can help. However, many people cannot or will not seek the help of a mental health professional. The reasons vary from financial and time considerations to being too embarrassed or nervous to see someone in person. Most clients who actually make it to therapy are glad they did. Therapy can help shorten the time it takes to get through hard times and it is nice to feel supported through the process of change.

Counselor, Julie Lang, MA. MFT has had years of experience doing psychotherapy and will give you clear instructions to try at home. Many problems can be dealt with by learning techniques used by therapists to treat clients and implementing them in the privacy of your own home. This is not meant to be a replacement for traditional face to face psychotherapy. If you have serious psychological or medical problems, you will need to access the appropriate doctors or mental health professional in person.

In addition to free self-help, you can access Julie Lang, MFT in person to set up phone counseling appointment or an office visit in her Grass Valley, CA at
(530) 272-5521.
     Fees are $50.00 for a half hour consult or $100.00 per hour consult in person for cash clients. Insurance rates are negotiated with your insurance provider.